Dr. Mitja Novak is the director of the Institute for Labour Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He is an economist and PhD in Law, prior he has been for many years professor and two periods also Dean at the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor.

He is a specialist in the field of labour law, social security and international labour law. He published a series of publications, monographs, textbooks and articles, and has been a mentor to many graduates, post graduates and doctoral candidates.

Dr. Novak actively participates in international scientific cooperation. He lectured in Europe (Spain, France, Germany …), the USA (Detroit, Columbia, New Orleans)*, in South America (Buenos Aires), Australia (Sydney) and in China (Beijing).

He is a member of several domestic and foreign legal and other associations and unions, among other he spent two terms as president of the Society for Labour Law and Social Security of Slovenia. Since the beginning he is leading the Days of labour law, which are traditionally each year in Portorož.

Personal bibliography of Dr. Novak in COBISS / Co-operative Online Bibliographic System & Services / includes more than 650 units.

Dr. Mitja Novak is also a permanent sworn translator for English, French, German and Spanish.

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